Employee Wellness SPACE design Services

We work closely with organizations to assist them in developing and designing on-site employee health and wellness spaces to further enhance their employee wellness services and programs.

Corporate Move/Re-Design Ergonomic Prevention Service

This program provides preventative ergonomic wellness service for organizations during times of corporate relocation and/or re-designing of corporate spaces. This service proactively ensures ergonomically sound work spaces for employees prior to working in new spaces,  thus reducing ergonomic risk factors up front. Consulting services of a Board Certified Ergonomist (CCPE) would be utilized by the organization along with and during the services of architects, interior/corporate designers, procurement officers, furniture selection process.

Procurement Services/Program Development and Training

This proactive service works with either existing procurement processes or assists organizations in developing effective procurement services for locating appropriate ergonomic product/office furniture being recommended in an Ergonomic Assessment Report or prior to bulk product/office furniture purchases. Ongoing Ergonomic education/training opportunities, for procurement officers, is also available. 

Ergonomic Program Development

This program assists organizations in identifying the need for an in-house Ergonomics Program and assists the organization in the policy development and implementation of the program. 

Integrative Employee Health Protection and Health Promotion Wellness Program

This program assists organizations in developing a powerhouse Employee Health Protection and Promotion Wellness program to further reduce occupational injuries and illnesses and enhance employee well-being. We assist in the development of both Policy and Program Development.

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